COBB Chapter One
formerly Crippled Old Biker Bastards

Started in July 2002,
Chartered and Incorporated 2005

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Check the Hotline at (407) 846-2189 for the latest updates activities. The hotline is operational again.
Many ask why our events are at odd times.  C.O.B.B. Society is unlike other organizations.
In keeping with that difference, all our meetings and activities are scheduled with the ending
minute always a nine (as in 11:59 AM). NOW YOU KNOW

Chapter One meetings are held the second and fourth Wednesdays of each
month commencing at 7:29 pm at the VFW, 504 S Randolph Ave, Kissimmee, FL

January 16th Treasurer Roger and Mary's Wedding

Congratulations & best wishes for a long & happy future!

RIP RON Puryear

April 4, 1959 - 1/3/2015

He was 55 when he passed away. He was survived by 4 children, 2 step children, and 2 brothers. Was born in Richmond, VA and lived in Florida for 23 years. He worked with the trucking industry most of his life. He was awarded the Iron Butt award on March  21, 2009 for 1,109 miles in less than 24 hours while participating in the Free Riders MC Florida Saddlesore 1000.

In this game of life we all play, there are winners, losers and occasionally a champion. On 1/10/2015 we said Bon Voyage to a Champion.  He knew how to win, lose and most of all inspire others to greatness. A great void is left in the space he occupied and at some future date will be filled by another champion inspired by the person he was.  Love surrounded his presence wherever he was.  Love for his family, his beliefs and love for his fellow man. Brother Ron, you set a wonderful example for all and we hope you will be proud of our response to the challenge. As you ride with the angels, your memory will remain with us as we ride. Till we meet again, God Bless You & REST IN Peace!! ! !

We are now on Facebook as:  Chapter One of C.O.B.B. Society

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Do you Know how to Ride in a Group? (pdf)

Tips for Motorcycle Safety (pdf)

Understanding the Motorcycle Community (pdf)

Please ride safe and defensively.   Best Wishes for 2015 !

Issues of health have plagued me for some time limiting my ability to ride with Chapter One as I should.  In the best interests of Chapter One I have resigned as President.  As CEO and Director of the International Society my focus has been divided and not as involved as it should have been. My attention now will be directed for organization of the Society and resolving issues that I have long overlooked.

I was pleased to pass the gavel for Chapter One on to Roland Hemling, a qualified Charter Member who brings new ideas to the table and will take the Chapter forward.  Jasen "Poster Child" Mann has moved up to the 1st Vice President chair and Spider Jim Owens has been appointed to fill the 3 Year Trustee Position.  Iím confident and enthused with new blood in our leadership. Their success, however, depends on the backing of the membership.  Please give them your complete cooperation and support.

I can say, without reservation, that Chapter One is comprised of the best of the best! Just because Iíve surrendered the gavel doesnít mean I am disappearing as my affiliation with the Chapter will remain. Thanks to all for your prayers during the physical maladyís Iíve encountered and support during my tenure.


Newt Neuciler