C.O.B.B. International Society, LLC

formerly Crippled Old Biker Bastards

Started in July 2002, Officially Chartered and Incorporated 2005
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Members at Large are encouraged to send pictures of themselves with or without their bikes and their groups to be posted in the Members at Large section.

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Many ask why our events are at odd times.  C.O.B.B. Society is unlike other organizations.
In keeping with that difference, all our meetings and activities are scheduled with the ending
minute always a nine (as in 11:59 AM). NOW YOU KNOW

We do not have an open forum on this site. Comments and suggestions can be made on Facebook.

 Al McFarlane from Canada - Please send Newt your contact information to: newt1234@cfl.rr.com

COBB Society International, LLC is now on Facebook.

Respect is the name of the game. Give it and you will receive it. Remember, we
are NOT a motorcycle club or riding club, we're a society, better known as a Social Club.
We do not subscribe to anything but our own stupidity. Individual people may
have individual "associations" with other entities. Those are strictly personal
and have absolutely NOTHING to do with our C.O.B.B. Society. COBBer’s are
friends to all riders, no matter what their affiliation. We remain neutral and
have no affiliations with any other organization. We are the guys that have
overcome our fear, ruffed off our ego's, brushed ourselves off and are still on
two wheels after all these years.

That's all there is to it and what we are all about! Please keep this in mind at
all times. Because of our age, we've been around the block a few times to say
the least. This has given us the experience to know we have nothing to prove and
respect what everyone around us is doing. Riding is what has brought on all of
this wonderful Cobbrodity! So let's keep it that way!
It doesn't matter what walk of life you come from.
We don't have wannabe's, we have gonnabe's!

Party in peace and Ride 'Til Ya Rot!

FACT: For the past several years, membership in all facets of
motorcycling communities is on the decline.
Daily in the US, people are becoming more independent in thought, attitude and
action. The main theme of clubs and organizations no longer has the magnetic
appeal of yesterday. Independence detracts from the brother and sisterhood. The
one for all and all for one means less daily in our “hooray for me and screw you society.”
There’s a bit of “do good” in everyone, but many motorcycle clubs and
organizations are becoming weary of being fund raisers for everyone who finds
themselves in less than fortunate situation. (Many better off than those they seek assistance from.)

FACT: In this time of change there is a real need and attraction for something new and different.
C.O.B.B. is not a Motorcycle Club, nor have any intention of becoming one.

FACT: We are merely a Society of imperfect people who do to the fault of
ourselves or others are bound together by the fact that we have, “to one degree
or another,” had an imperfect riding incident on a motorcycle. End of story.
There is no way one could or want, by my way of thinking, probate for such a Society.

Our mission is purely social: Our goals are selfish, simple and non-profit
directed to provide for the welfare, Cobbraderie, fun and experience for members
of our Society. We have adopted the mission of "Motorists Awareness of bikers on the roads and highways."

  Far too  many bikers are killed or maimed for life with motorists using the excuse "I didn't see them!" 
We say they weren't paying attention and for this reason annually
host a "DO YOU SEE ME NOW" ride & rally the third Sunday in May.

All fund raising and activities are directed to this principle.

As a group we may elect to participate in a support faction of other motorcycle
clubs and organizations in their charity events, but refrain from hosting such activities ourselves.
We are neutral and have no affiliation with any organizations and are friends to
all no matter what their affiliation. (See the COBB GOLDEN RULE).
As a Society we will conduct our meetings and activities in a business
like manner. Our rules for members are simple. (COBB GOLDEN RULE).
Show up when you can.
Arrive prepared to have a fun time.
Wear your best smile when you arrive and take two home when you leave.
Don’t discuss COBB business in public.
If you have to bitch and moan, do it in a cordial manner suggesting a constructive solution.
Remember your 6 P’s:
Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

We are Crippled Old Biker Brothers and Sisters. Our story began here with Chapter One when our Founder Newt Neuciler decided it would be a good idea to bring a group of great people together and begin something special. We are now in our 11th year and still going strong. We believe in brotherhood and supporting one another. We believe being a biker is about more than riding a motorcycle, it’s about responsibility and about being a friend that a friend would like to have. Our mission is purely social and promoting motorcycle awareness is our goal.




Chapter One is on Facebook as: 
Chapter One of C.O.B.B. Society

Do you Know how to
Ride in a Group? (pdf)

Tips for Motorcycle Safety (pdf)

Understanding the
Motorcycle Community (pdf)