COBB Chapter One
formerly Crippled Old Biker Bastards

Started in July 2002, Officially Chartered and incorporated 2005

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Check the Hotline at (407) 846-2189 for the latest updates activities. The hotline is operational again.
Many ask why our events are at odd times.  C.O.B.B. Society is unlike other organizations.
In keeping with that difference, all our meetings and activities are scheduled with the
ending minute always a nine (as in 11:59 AM). NOW YOU KNOW

Chapter One meetings are held the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month commencing at 7:29 pm at the VFW, 504 S Randolph Ave, Kissimmee, FL

We had grandiose ideas and plans for our Tenth Annual Celebration the weekend of September 20th. Chapter One has a reputation for putting on first class events, but sometimes even the best of intention go awry and Plan "B" is called to action. Not to write the entire event off, the membership decided on a scaled down social weekend Camp-Out and a weekend of relaxation. Unbeknownst to all, rain and the weather did it's best to sabotage "Plan B", but regardless of leaking tents and torrential downpours, Cobberaderie and dedicated members overcame with a great time had by all.

Special thanks to Franky-D for supplying the music and the movie "Porkies".  Franky also gave back the mini-bike he won earlier in the year in a free raffle to members, won by Spike Logan.  Thanks also to the members who brought and cooked food for everyone. Memories of this weekend will linger long to all who attended.  Good Job to all!

Pictures below are not in any particular order: A few more will be added in the next few days.  Click on the thumbnail pictures for larger view.



* * * * NOTICE * * * *

YOUR $30.00 DUES  FOR  2014 - 2015 were due July 1, 2014

Please send in promptly to:


P O Box 422201

Kissimmee, FL 34742-2201

or pay at a meeting.

Note: If it is convenient, you can pay for multiple years in advance with your expiration date noted on your membership card.

Thank you

Please note:
Chapter One meetings have changed location.  Our new meeting place is the VFW at 504 S. Randolph Ave., Kissimmee. The date & time of the next meeting will be announced on this web page & on our Facebook pages.

We are now on Facebook as:

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